Wanderlust Wildness: Rafting the Futaleuf River In Chile

5 Reasons You’ll Make The Futaluef River In Chile Your Lifetime Adventure.

futaleauf river rafting

Class 4 and 5 rapids makes Futaleuf River rafting in Chile something you’ll never forget.

Nestled in the high mountains of Patagonia, Chile, the Futaleuf River proves to be an exciting and prime rafting destination. Rafting in this Chilean river reveals spectacular mountain scenery that will amaze rafting beginners and experts alike. At the stretch of Rio Futaleuf, lies granite walls, rock shelters, river camps, and cliff houses, with the snow-packed Andes Mountains looming in the distance. Below a canyon, the river opens up more and winds through the absolutely beautiful Las Escalas Valley. The sheer beauty of the valley is a must-see from the Futaleuf River, which can be done on your way back to the Futaleufu town.

Take note that Futaleuf is also well-known for its intense and adrenaline-pumping Class IV and Class V rapids. One of the most thrilling sections is the aptly named Infierno Gorge (Hell Gorge). This highly demanding section features intense Class 4 and 5 rapids that will keep you on the edge for the entire white water rafting ride. Infierno Gorge stretches to 22 kilometers so it is a perfect spot for a full day rafting tour, which can include trekking, horseback riding and fly fishing.

To reach this part, you need to hike, horseback or bike through a trail that starts from the Centro Aventura Futaleufu and leads to the vertical black basalt walls that adorn the Inferno Canyon. Not everybody is allowed to raft or kayak this section. You need to meet required qualifications and have previously tackled the Corazon, which is the heart of the river.

There are also parts of the river that are perfect for beginners and family rafting excursions. The water that comes to the river originally flows from the Andes territory of Argentina. The water flows through a number of lakes including those in the Parque National Los Alerces. And finally, it goes into the river and cascades down to a gorgeous canyon.

The Terminator: Rafting the Futaleuf River In Chile will be your ultimate lifetime adventure.

One of these sections is called The Upper Futa Limite, which features Class 2 rapids that stretch for 9 kilometers. As the name suggests, this is the uppermost part of the river, which is close to Parque Alerces of Argentina. In some cases, rafters need to hike or go by horse around some trails in order to get to some of the most difficult sections of the river.

Aside from rafting, there are other activities you can do at the Rio Futaleuf vicinities. Activities like horseback riding, hiking, rappelling, climbing and canyoneering are popular among adventure-seeking visitors. You may also include a day of fly-fishing for Patagonia rainbow trout and other fish species, ideal for groups and families. There are a couple of exclusive camps that are built along the riverside. These camps offer multi-sport and outdoor adventures. Some camps also feature comfortable, “safari-style” dwellings built high in treetops or cliff sides. They also have rock shelters, sauna facilities, restaurants, bars and hot tubs carved into natural stone.

There are many local outfitters that can arrange nice Futaleuf River tours for you. Most of them have tie-ins with the riverside camps. Many visitors like to come here for more than a day. Each day of stay will be composed of a customized set of activities, complete with experienced guides. And if you have never done white water rafting before, tour companies can also provide the appropriate lessons and equipment.

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