The Ultimate Luxury Vacation At Heavenly Guana Island

Experience The Magical Private Guana Island In A Day
Experience The Magical Private Guana Island In A Day! Ready?

Imagine a private island that looks like a slice of paradise that fell from the sky, and you will have heavenly Guana Island. You can find this majestic isle in the British Virgin Islands territory just nearby Tortola. Although it is privately owned, the island warmly welcomes guests to its 20 all-inclusive rooms. The island can accommodate 32 guests at one time. Aside from the service staff, there are no other permanent inhabitants on the island, which encompasses about 850 acres of land area.

A stay at Guana Island is all about enjoying the incomparable beauty of nature in a very serene environment. If you are an avid hiker or someone who just wants to sweat it out, there are miles upon miles of hiking trails that will lead you to lush forests and marvelous ocean vistas. If you want a real trekking challenge, you can attempt to climb the Sugarloaf Mountain. Once you reach the top of this almost 800 feet mountain, you will treated to an incredible panoramic view of the ocean and surrounding islands. Other popular activities on the island include kayaking, snorkeling and boat paddling. But you are always welcome to do absolutely nothing on the island but to relax and watch the day go by.

Guana Island is also home to a range of rare species of plants and animals. Some of the iconic wildlife found here include the Caribbean roseate flamingo, the red-legged tortoise and iguana. There are seven gorgeous beaches to choose from on the island. But you don’t have to choose which ones to visit as you can visit all of them if you have the time. Because there is a limited number of guests permitted on the island, you will really get the feeling that you have any Guana beach all to yourself. The main beach is called White Bay Beach, and it is considered one of the best sandy stretches in the whole Caribbean region. This magnificent half-mile white powdery stretch is equipped with a small bar and some lounge chairs.

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The rooms on the islands are in the form of cottages, which are named after an island found in the Caribbean. These cottages are strategically placed to provide nice views of the sea and other fantastic geological formations on the island. They feature an elegant and not too elaborate design. There is wi-fi connectivity all around the island, but the rooms are not equipped with televisions. The dining area on the island is in a building called the Great House. Aside from serving gourmet meals, this building sets the right mood by showcasing that gorgeous Caribbean panoramas.

Guests are well pampered on Guana Island. Excellent spa and massage services are available and conducted in an open-air cabana near the beach. At the cliff-side area called the Garden of Eden, you can watch a movie outdoors and under the stars. Guana Island resort is also open for families with children. But the setting and activities are more ideal for adults especially honeymooners who are looking for quiet, laidback and romantic moments. To reach the island, guests usually take a flight to Beef Island airport. Then a designated boat transports guests to Guana. The boat journey takes only about 10 minutes.

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