Stunning Tamariz Beach of Lisbon

Tamariz Beach of Lisbon Portugal
This Is The Place To Be… Tamariz Beach of Lisbon Portugal

If you happen to be on the Lisbon Coast, it is almost a crime not to drop by Tamariz Beach. One, it is just a half an hour ride from Lisbon, and sits right next to the train station. So you need not worry about driving. Two, the setting is enchanting and boasts a broad pedestrian walkway that should be perfect for your out-of-town adventure. And three, even royalty loves the place. A mid-sized castle, used as a haven for exiled royalty and European nobility during World War II, guards the clear water.

Because the entrance onto the promenade from Estoril will require you to pass under the train station, you might have a tiny problem if you are claustrophobic. But don’t worry. As soon as you get out, and it will be quick, the exit opens up to the sky, sand and sun. We are talking about a beach created by Mother Nature, facing a real ocean, and with a bustling city that rose around it being the only thing man-made. Itís gorgeously worth it.

Expect calm water, sun loungers and beach umbrellas when you get here. Swept clean by Atlantic tides, the sand is soft and golden. Even the sexy crowd is, to be blunt, picturesque, and just in case someone needs it, a buff lifeguard is always on constant alert. The average summer sea water temperature is 17-19C. The tide can come in quite quickly, so be prepared to grab your shoes and towel, and run!

The seaside is lined with cafes, public benches and exercise stations. The exchanges among local and tourists set against a backdrop of palatial homes and high-end hotels exude a very cosmopolitan character.
At night, Tamariz transforms into the epicenter of local parties. Thanks to its proximity to the world-famous Estoril Casino, bars and restaurants have finally sprouted to give this spot a more active vibe.

The elegant Estoril used to be one of the world’s choicest addresses during the interwar years. Tanned bodies party at the breakwater during summer nights. On other days, sitting on the sand with live jazz music drifting across the water is the delightful treat. But if you want a quieter place, take a stroll at the promenade that stretches from Cascais to the west, past Estoril and on to the east. Take in a drink. Enjoy your ice cream. It is safe and peaceful, except maybe for the gentle roll of waves that has always been a welcome interruption.

To get to Tamariz, get a train from Cais do Sodrè Station in the city center to Cascais on the west coast. Trains run daily, depart on a regular basis and, as mentioned earlier, take half an hour to reach the final destination. Along the way, youíll get a glimpse of other equally beautiful beaches.

Carcavelos is a swim friendly beach known for a massive fortification called Fort St. Julian of Barra. Cascais is an old fishing village turned into holiday resort. If you’re looking for strong waves, head to Guincho, the best place to experience not just windsurfing but also a new growing thrill activity called kite surfing.

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