Slowing To The Speed Of Caye Caulker

…or 5 Magical Ways To Experience Caye Calker in Island Time

Caye Caulker may be a small island but it packs plenty of attractions and beauty to make it a fantastic vacation destination in Belize. Situated off the coast of the mainland, Caye Caulker is only about a 1 mile away from the Belize Barrier Reef. This close proximity is the reason why many diving enthusiasts make their way to the island. In addition, the waters surrounding the island is declared a marine reserve. This means that you don’t have to go far to explore fascinating marine creatures and beautiful reefs.

This 5 mile long island is representative of the vibe and lifestyle in Belize. Caye Caulker and its 1000 or so residents live a very slow pace and relaxing beach life. You are far from the modern chaos, hustle and bustle when you set foot in Caye Caulker. There are no cars nor fully-paved roads on the island, just the ocean views, azure clear waters and reggae sounds.

If you want to go around the island, ride old bicycles and golf carts; or use your feet, but remember there is no real rush to go anywhere or do something in Caye Caulker. The island is a seafood mecca where various fish species and lobsters are abound, and a number of locals are dedicated fishermen. That is why if fishing is your cup of tea, this the right place to enjoy it.

The island does offer some forms of luxury, but it is first and foremost a destination for budget travelers and backpackers. The town’s major sections are marked by three sandy roads. Front Street that stretches out to the east coast has some structures that are of interest to visitors. If you want to freshen up, head out to the popular swimming area where you can also interact with locals and fellow travelers. This swimming spot is known as “The Split”. This however is technically not a beach, but a sunken spot surrounded by sea walls. Just beside the Split is the little but very well-known bar aptly named the Lazy Lizard.

The island, particularly its northern region is a great spot for kayaking around mangroves. This mostly uninhabited northern section is also home to a Forest Reserve, which covers a land area of about 100 acres. A local group called Audubon at certain times organizes hiking and bird watching tours in this area.

Because the island’s main activities are snorkeling and diving, there are plenty of operators offering tours. However, the price range offered by the various shops are almost the same. Half day snorkeling tours are popular among those who don’t have scuba diving experience. Some of the best diving attractions in Belize such as the Shark and Ray Alley, and the Blue Hole are just a boat ride away from Caye Caulker. The Hol Can Marine Reserve, houses superb marine life, can be reached via a 30-minute boat ride from the island.

When the sun sets, there are plenty of affordable restaurants and bars to keep you company. But despite all the available activities, if you feel like just spending the entire day sleeping on a hammock or on the beach, with the nice breeze coming in; no one will object in Caye Caulker.

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