Puuurfect… Cat Museum of Kuching

cat museum of Kuching
The magical cat museum of Kuching is purrrfect for any adventure.

A special treat awaits you especially is you are a cat lover in the world’s largest collection of everything about cats – The Cat Museum in East Malaysia. Believed to bring good luck, cats are among the most loved animals in Malaysia. Thus, it is not surprising that a quirky sanctuary celebrating cats was aptly built in 1988 at Kuching, the Cat City in Sarawak. A truly unique assemblage of its kind, you will be amazed by over 4,000 feline artifacts from all over the world across millennia.

From the massive cat face at the entrance, feast your eyes on the compendium of beautiful feline paintings, informative posters, hilarious cartoon strips, and even tattoo designs and pictures of prominent people with cats. Enjoy the vast wall boasting of mounted cards depicting different kinds of cats, from cute and fluffy to crazy and fierce. Of course, there are also assorted displays of collectibles of world-famous cats such as Garfield, Hello Kitty and others. You will also find interesting the exhibit of sets of jewellery, key chains, stamps, and other objects all with – you guessed it – cats!

But more than just a collection of objects about cats, the museum serves as a center for research and exploration offering you extensive information about cats and their diverse roles in the history of man from the ancient periods to medieval times to modern communities. You will be awed by one of the most prized artifact in the museum – an authentic mummified Egyptian cat from 3500 BC.

Also, get a glimpse of the world’s rarest cat species, the Felis Badia from the jungles of Borneo, preserved only in the museum. Walk through the seemingly countless display of cat figurines and sculptures of varying sizes and other art work from different countries, reflecting the contribution of cats in different cultures. You will never look at cats the same way again.

The museum also offers valuable information about taking care of different breeds of cats. From anatomical parts of a cat to cat food and collars to understanding feline behaviors and even morbid depiction of cat deaths, the museum prides itself on a massive display of almost everything in a cat’s life. And as if that is not enough, you will also be educated on how cats are used in media advertisements and modelling, and even music. You will surely find something new and surprising about cats!

An educational exhibit and art work display in one, the Cat Museum is located in the Kuching North City Hall Headquarters Building. It sits on a hill 60 meters above sea level giving you an additional treat of a beautiful view overlooking the Cat City.

To get to this pleasantly eccentric haven, take the bus Petra Jaya Transport No. 2B or 2C anywhere in the city. The museum is open daily except Mondays from 9AM to 5PM. The good news is entrance to the museum is free, but if you intend to take snap shots of the collection, there is an affordable corresponding fee depending on your gadget. After the tour, be sure to visit the souvenir shop of the museum for something purr-fect to take home with you!

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