Nile River Valley Grand Wonders Overflow

For centuries, the fortune of Egypt has centered around the annual flooding and receding of the Nile River’s waters. In a place encroached by a massive desert that threatens drought and discord, the Nile creates a heavy layer of rich silt that stubbornly held civilizations together.

Today it’s not difficult to understand why it has earned the reputation as the world’s largest open-air museum. Step back in time when Pharaohs were gods, Feluccas the mode of transportation in the world’s longest river, and massive pyramids the standard resting place. Stretching north for approximately 4,000 miles from East Africa to the Mediterranean, prepare yourself for an action packed adventure in the cradle of civilization.

Nile River Valley Cruises

Nile River Valley Cruises
Image by barbarahutter on Pixabay

The standard Nile cruises will range from three or four to seven nights. The only difference between a five-star hotel and a Nile cruiser is that the latter actually floats on water.

Enjoy the hot tubs, swimming pools, fantastic restaurant choices and even a library during the day. If you’re here for an educational cruise, you might just find yourself conversing with an Egyptologist (archaeologists or museum antiquities expert) during one of the many dress up parties.

For those who want to sail the way they did in the past, hop on a traditional Nile sailboat called a Felucca. They say that for one to see the land as its people do, one must journey on the river. If you get tired during the trip, you ‘d find yourself sleeping on open on deck so set your expectations accordingly.

Many Nile River Valley cruises offer shore trips that take passengers to historical places.

After lunch on board, dock at Kom Ombo where in ancient times, ferocious crocodiles which were treated as sacred basked in the sun on the river bank. Set sail toward the pyramids.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Image by auntmasako on Pixabay

Regardless of how many photos of the pyramids you have seen, your first glimpse of these marvels of the ancient world will leave you speechless. Listen to the facts and myths surrounding them from your local guide. Bask in the tales of how generations of Pharaohs and royalties toiled and struggled to achieve immortality. We are speaking about 46 centuries of history, a colossal reminder of man’s ambition to create super structures whose grandeur can perpetually be reflected on the surface of its equally powerful river.

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